The Primal Method: Phase One

The Primal Method: Phase One

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Co-developed and tested by elite powerlifters Gina Aversa and Chris Bridgeford - The Primal Method is a 9 day training split spanning over the course of 5 weeks. This is the exact protocol used by Gina in order to break the All-Time World record in the 165lb class and total 1282 and was used by Chris in order to total 2144 in the 242lb weight class.

BUT we recognize that not every lifter has the same needs, what works for us may not work for you. SO in order to allow more lifters to benefit from the program we created, we did NOT make this a one size fits all plan. 

The Primal Method allows you to be your own coach - using a semi-customizable format, we guide you through how to customize the program to best fit your needs. In our secondary lift archive, we breakdown which exercises to choose based on your personal weaknesses. 

This is Phase One of the Primal Method - geared towards hypertrophy, building a solid base, increasing work capacity, and strengthening personal weaknesses.

For Competitors: Phase One is most effective when ran ~17 weeks out from a meet  


-9 Day training split spanning the length of 5 weeks

-Exclusive comprehensive video library demonstrating the 110+ exercises included in this program

-Secondary Lift Archive of over 30+ exercises

-Accessory Exercise Database of over 70+ exercises

-Easy to read format and links directly to How To videos on every exercise


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